Wild Carrot at Shaw Theatre

Our custom designed LFS-FLA metal canopy for the entrance of the Shaw Theatre, a newly restored events space called “Wild Carrot.” The idea and design to replicate the historic canopy originated from UIC (Urban Improvement Construction) Architect and Contractor.

Feature Page PhotoCustom fabricated LFS-FLA metal interlocking aluminum deck hanger rod lobby entrance canopy is showcased in this renovation project. Lawrence designed and installed a replicated marquee canopy of the 1915 historic Shaw Theater entrance canopy.

The LFS-FLA metal canopy measures 25′ 6″ wide x 1′ 4″ high x 9′ projection. The underneath side of the canopy consists of an aluminum tubing grid with a 1.75″ x 1.75″ aluminum channel welded in a spoke pattern from front to back creating recesses for future marquee lighting. Flush bottom mechanically attached sectional .125 aluminum sheet soffit bottom between recess light channels. Two ½” x 1 ½” aluminum accent bands and ½” thick “SHAW” white lettering on the face of the canopy.

Check out our photo gallery and video below.