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Fabric Cutting

Support Services – Fabric Cutting

Our sophisticated Gerber DCS 2500 cutting systems maximize results offering reliability, accuracy, speed and consistency cutting of varied materials.

Managed by a team of experienced designer/technicians with extensive knowledge in Auto-CAD design, patterning and sewing, we have the depth that brings customer increased benefits over Auto-CAD-only technicians.

Our staff can create 3-D CAD Drawings to convert to flat panels for easy manufacturing. Custom projects or multiple patterns are quickly cut. We will cut your fabric with easy to follow piece markings.



  • Auto-CAD
  • M-Panel
  • Gerber Cutworks Software

Table Size

  • Up to 94″ wide
  • Up to 45′ long for standard cut length
  • Over 45′ long for oversize cut length


Accuracy within thousandths of an inch on tension fabric structures, exhibit components, architectural element patterns, awnings & canopies, custom shapes and 3-D conversion to flat panels.

Why Choose Us

In business since 1941, Lawrence Fabric Structures is the premier manufacturer of fabric, standing seam and all-metal awnings & canopies and exhibit components. Lawrence is known for design and engineering excellence, exceptional customer service and the ability to meet extraordinary challenges, earning the reputation Lawrence the “Can Do” company.

  • For 79 Years of Experience
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • An Employee Owned Company
  • Extensive Product Line
  • Flexible, On Time Delivery
  • Custom Design & Fabrication
  • AutoCAD design & on site printing
  • Immediate Manufacturing Available
  • 69,000 Sqft Manufacturing Facility
  • Fully Certified Automotive Paint Booth
  • Experienced & Trained Installation Crews
  • Over 70 awards for work in the past 25 years



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Configure custom Awning & Canopies and create Specs easily.

Rick Moeckel, Clayco

What Our Clients Say

“Lawrence worked closely with us and the architect to finalize the project. Their support in problem solving helped the whole team save money.”

- Rick Moeckel, Clayco

Lawrence Fabric Awnings & Canopies

Richard Meister, Isle of Capri

What Our Clients Say

“They offer quality workmanship and timeliness. They are easy to work with and (are) talented. … They are heads and shoulders above the competition.”

- Richard Meister, Isle of Capri

Lawrence Fabric Awnings & Canopies

John Favazza, Favazza's

What Our Clients Say

“It is the best thing we have ever done for our restaurant! The Lawrence team did an excellent job… their professionalism, product quality and service is outstanding. I would highly recommend adding an enclosure with...”

- John Favazza, Favazza's

Lawrence Fabric Awnings & Canopies

Dave Hibel, Motif Events

What Our Clients Say

“We consider Lawrence to be our secret weapon and one of our most valuable production partners. They are not afraid to take on the unique shapes and forward thinking design structures that we need to help our clients circumvent...”

- Dave Hibel, Motif Events

Lawrence Fabric Exhibits & Experiential Displays

We Are An Employee Owned Company

Lawrence Fabric & Metal Structures, Inc. is dedicated to keeping our external and internal customers, as well as its interested parties satisfied while delivering our products and services in a timely manner. Our Goals are clear! Provide a safe work environment for our employees to master their skills. Foster an environment that promotes continual improvement using risk-based strategic planning; thus, producing customer-valued quality products while striving to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations, which leads to future business opportunities.


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