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Vicia Restaurant

Lawrence custom fabricated and installed a trapezoid shaped patio enclosure system, measuring 1585 sq. ft, 71’ 6” wide at the building, largest projection 30’8”. The bottom of the canopy is 10’ off grade. Posts are 4” x 4” x ¼”, horizontal beams are 4” x 8” x ¼”. 15’ wide.

The restaurant sports an outdoor wood fire grill and rotisserie with a concrete block chimney in the center of the canopy. The concrete chimney was built around the substructure. For fire code issues, a standing seam roof covers 25% of the canopy over the chimney area and the more economical Ferrari 502 covers 75% of the new seating area.

The removable sidewall panels will provide more usable days within the year for comfortable dining than if the sides were left open. The return on investment for the canopy top only is 4 years and ROI for the sidewalls is 1.5 years. The owners are very pleased with the additional seating area and the unique, sleek dining atmosphere for customers. Vicia Website Check out our aerial video below:



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