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Shick Exhibit

Lawrence Fabric & Metal Structures, Inc. worked with Motif Events to create two 30′ x 90′ exhibits while reconfiguring a third 50′ x 50′ space for the IBIE Expo in Las Vegas. Following Motif’s rendering, Lawrence combined printed, unprinted and backlit tensioned fabric with impressive metal structures.

“We consider Lawrence to be our secret weapon and one of our most valuable production partners. They are not afraid to take on the unique shapes and forward thinking design structures that we need to help our clients circumvent the mundane and stand out on the show floor. They help us bring our ideas to life with great communication, fair pricing and best of class deliverables.”
– Dave Hibel from Motif Events

“I give Lawrence well deserved credit for a great job on both Peerless and Shick structures. We set over 400 pieces of fabric structures a year and these were some of the most complex, yet easiest projects to assemble. Excellent craftsmanship and the drawings were complete and thorough. Thank you Lawrence!”
– Steve Bradley from Octane Group Inc.

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