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Missouri History Museum-“Panoramas of the City”

“Panoramas of the City,” exhibit is now on view through Aug. 12, 2018 at the Missouri History Museum in St. Louis’ Forest Park. The display explores the city’s history from 1900 to 1950 through panoramic photographs. Seven images are blown up to life-size on backlit screens, depicting broad local history: Veiled Prophet Parade, Charles Lindbergh Homecoming, Tornado Destruction on Page Avenue, League of Women Voters, Sportsman Park, Negro Rights League and the Riverfront.

Lawrence custom fabricated and installed seven aluminum framed fabric radius backlit lightboxes 10’ high, 6” deep ranging from 27’ to 39’ wide. These backlit screen structures displaying the giant panoramas are curved, partly to minimize distortions but also to allow visitors to immerse themselves in the scenes. The panoramic photos selected from museum archives were printed on backlit knit fabric and attached via SEG Extrusion to the interior perimeter of the light box frame along with LED lighting. All exposed aluminum was painted black.

In addition, Lawrence created and installed a Vinyl Mesh banner measuring 30’ wide by 15’H to greet the museum visitors. The exhibit entrance consists of a framed fabric hanging sign, dye sub print on knit fabric measuring 18’ wide by 3’ high. A current photo of the riverfront with the Arch was superimposed on an archived photo of an early 20th century St. Louis riverfront.

Adam Kloppe, a public historian at the museum and the head writer and researcher behind the exhibit stated “I think it’s presented in such a breathtaking way, in a way you’ve never seen photographs before and never seen St. Louis history before. The way they are presented really puts you in that moment in a way that a regular photograph can’t.”

The Lawrence Team is proud to be a part of helping the Missouri History Museum visitors experience St. Louis past in such a unique setting.


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