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Favazza Automatic Curtain

Favazza’s restaurant is located in the Italian district of St. Louis, also called “The Hill”, where they specialize in serving Classic Italian Cuisine. Favazza’s restaurant offers beautiful outdoor seating on their covered patio and you can enjoy the features of a unique two-tiered fireplace. Tony & John Favazza wanted the ability to quickly and easily open and close their patio enclosure panels.

Lawrence designed and installed automatic roll up curtains controlled simply by pushing a remote control button. Considering the ever changing seasonal weather, the automatic curtains allow the convenience of opening and closing at your leisure. For a 75 degree day lunch crowd, the curtain is rolled up and for a 60 degree evening dinner crowd the sidewall is rolled down. If you currently have a seasonal enclosure, Lawrence can replace some or all of your panels with automatic roll up curtains. This is an ideal way to protect your customers from the elements with fully retractable, high grade quality and durable roll up curtains. “Turn your 2-Season Room into a 4-Season Room”.

“It is the best thing we have ever done for our restaurant! The Lawrence team did an excellent job their professionalism, product quality and service is outstanding. I would highly recommend adding an enclosure with automatic curtains to your establishment!”
– John & Tony Favazza

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