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Cupple’s Building- Flying Saucer Restaurant

The client requested the canopy to be a replication of a metal canopy system on the Cupple’s building, which was a historic warehouse, built in 1894. The area covered represents the original area covered on the loading docks. The area needed to be under cover for outdoor seating at the Flying Saucer restaurant.

The custom fabric canopy is 140’ 8 ½” wide by 12’ overall projection. Fabric is 60” wide, Awnmax 6102 Grey. The frame is 100% aluminum except for the stainless steel hanger arms.

The unique factor in designing the canopy was to replicate a custom metal canopy system on a historic warehouse built in 1894. Due to the age of the building, installing and attaching a canopy of this size was very complex. Bolting was used through the two foot thick brick walls to ensure structural integrity. To mimic the original canopy, 1” thick hanger arms were used to withstand both snow and wind loads.

The canopy allows for additional seating capacity for the restaurant and therefore increases revenue. The Cupple’s building is located in the heart of downtown across from Busch Stadium, so large crowds gather frequently. The client was very pleased to be able to provide dining protection from the weather elements for their customers.

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