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Lawrence Celebrates 80 Years of Excellence

Lawrence Fabric & Metal Structures is known as the premier manufacturer of custom commercial fabric and metal awnings and canopies, and fabricator of exhibit components, experiential displays, and industrial architectural elements.  Lawrence has won numerous industry outstanding achievement awards for fabricating and delivering custom solutions.  Celebrating our 80th anniversary in 2021, we are dedicated to keeping our external and internal customers satisfied while delivering our products and services in a timely manner.  For the past 80 years, our goal has been to provide a safe work environment for our employees while fostering an environment that promotes continual improvement.  We plan to continue this goal along with producing quality products and striving to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations well into the future.

It all began in 1941 when Lawrence Canvas Products Company opened its doors to manufacture and sell tarpaulins as well as truck and trailer covers.  In 1984, the company grew to a full-service company manufacturing and installing awnings and tents in addition to its primary industrial fabric products.  In 1996, the name of the company changed to Lawrence Fabric Structures to better describe the wide range of fabric products.  As metal awnings and components became a mainstay part of the business, “Metal” was added to our name, and we became Lawrence Fabric & Metal Structures in January 2010.

As of October 2015, Lawrence became an Employee-owned company.  The Lawrence Fabric & Metal Structures Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) has continued to promote our long history of success and customer satisfaction as our workforce has taken increased “ownership” in what we do.

Company president, Mike Bowman stated, “Lawrence has always been an industry leader and that continues 80 years later.  We have been blessed with competent, forward thinking, people-oriented ownership throughout our history.  For the past six years, the employees at Lawrence have continued that tradition as owners themselves.  Good people build good companies, and we all now share that responsibility collectively.  Our intention, with the help of our great customers, is to continue this tradition for the next 80 years with continued growth and competencies.”

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