Fabulous Fox Theatre

The Fox Theatre, a former movie “Palace” is a performing arts center located in St. Louis. Known as “The Fabulous Fox”, opened in 1929 and was completely restored in 1982. This magnificent Theatre offers a dazzling array of talent and entertainment twelve months a year.

Lawrence Fabric & Metal Structures worked with the architectural design from Kenrick Design & Construction on the specific fabrication details of custom manufactured front lobby entrance canopies. The goal was to replicate the unique, historical characteristics of the original canopies of the building by using stacked and offset aluminum extrusions for the decorative contours of the perimeter frame. There are 2 aluminum canopies, 23 ft 1 3/4 in. wide x 6 ft. 10 3/8 in. projection, 54 ft. 10 1/16 in. wide x 6 ft. 10 3/8 in. projection. Each canopy is fabricated as a high quality flat metal interlocking pan canopy supported with hanger rod assemblies, which are surrounded by a welded aluminum G-channel. Aluminum tubing and bar accents, along with small decorative medallions, are mechanically attached to the face of the canopies. Aluminum finish sheet encloses the bottom and also hides the electric chase for the underside LED lighting system. The gold like appearance is the result of a Tri-Coat Paint, which is a high quality 3 color paint process.

“This unique project appears simple, at first glance, but it presented many challenges from multiple previous renovations, the unique existing structures, and the large connected awning design. Attention to detail was evident from the start with precise measurements and evaluation of the existing structure. Lawrence has exceeded our expectations in the final product.”
– Paul DeHart from Kenrick Design & Construction