Awards Won at The 2015 Zone Conference

1st Place- Bethesda Senior Living- Multi-Family Residential Awnings

For a senior living care and services facility our team designed and installed 22 Dome style awnings on the 4th floor balconies. Each dome awning is 22’ wide x 6’ 8” projection x 5’4” tall and covers 2 unit balconies. Mill finish frames with fabric panels stapled to span two ribs. A center return was required. Fabric is Ferrari 502-2136 Sand with clear beading.

2nd Place- St. Louis Zoo Sea Lion Tunnel- Industrial

Designed and installed 2 custom industrial entry end caps with single self-closing swing doors that conceal a walk thru glass tunnel. Without the doors, the cold weather caused the caulk surrounding the 2” thick aquarium glass in the underground tunnel to contract resulting in leakage. Tunnel openings needed to be closed to minimize cold airflow in the underground sea lion aquarium exhibit tube.

2nd Place- AARP Trade Show Display- Interior Design & Display

Our team created a unique eye catching trade show display to capture the attention of the attendees and entice people to visit this booth to learn about their products. The design included three arch structures, 16’ high x 37’ wide x 6’ deep, made out of 2” CD aluminum tubing with snap button connections.

2nd Place- Washington University- Fabric Structures

The college student parking garage fabric structure consists of twelve mesh fabric panels, ranging from 8’ to 29’ wide x 14’ to 25’ tall, with a total coverage of 6,006 square feet. The panel fabric is Awntex A20 120 Brown Mesh with 90% shade factor. The project was designed and engineered using the FACID profile technology.